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The #1 Source for All Your Sublimation Needs

Spotlight Article

Your Color is My Color

Your Color is My Color

By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug

How the heck do I match a color with sublimation? If we heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times. Almost everyone has trouble matching color with sublimation... at first. But once they get the process down, it really becomes pretty easy. Most people want to look at their computer screen, and then print out the graphic and have it look exactly the same. Sorry, that is not going to happen, but we will explain to you how to easily match colors with sublimation.

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Creative Corner

Gallery Wrap Mural

Gallery Wrap Mural

By Rodger Vieau

If you and your customers are looking for a new medium for displaying your favorite photographs, the new canvas Gallery Wraps are just the ticket. With your digital file sized for either the 8" x 10" or 11" x 14" frame kits, (or any combination using these 4 lengths of frame pieces), you can print and press your favorite sublimatable image. The results with be art-gallery quality without the expense and time of going to a professional shop. No special tools are required for this process, just your standard sublimation printer and heat press.

For a truly eye-catching sign or display, a Gallery Wrap mural may be just the ticket. This mural was created with a combination of 6 large photos of past and present performers. Using the Power Clip feature in Corel Draw, 48 separate images were created for individual Gallery Wraps. These individual frames were then hung together to reassemble the 6 images into a single mural display. This concept can be used for a trade show display, such as ours which was used at the ARA show in Las Vegas. Or, a small combination of photos can be used in restaurants or cafe’s showing some of their specialty dishes. And because these Gallery Wraps are made with the dye sublimation process versus the traditional direct print method, they can be replaced quickly and easily with your in-house sublimation equipment.

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